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13 Feb


Tatev Monastery-Devil’s Bridge -Qarahunj-Khndzoresk
Goris  is situated in the Syunik province, about 240 km from the Yerevan, founded in 1870. The old Goris (Khndzoresk) or Goris village is  a whole series of cave settlements. In the place of today’s town was an uninhabited area until the 1870’s. The hill is located in the eastern part of the city’s symbol, which locals call <<Lasti Khut>>. Goris and the surrounding area is full of unusual towers, castles, pyramids, caves, antediluvian stone wonders.

Tatev monastery: Our tour is started from Tatev monastery, it is one of the oldest and most visited churches of Armenia, it was founded in 4th century by Grigor lluminator. We can reach the monastery by the  longest rope way in the world,  <<Wings of Tatev>>. Trip to monastery lasts 12 minutes.


Devil’s Bridge:After Tatev monastery we visit Devil`s bridge, situated below the Tatev Monastery, in the 500-meter gorge of the Vorotan River, is one of Armenia’s natural wonders – “Devil’s Bridge”. Over the millennia, wind and water have created this wonder of nature, polishing and piercing the petrified lava. The width of this natural bridge, along which runs the auto road to Tatev Monastery, is 60 m, the length 30 m. Close to the bridge it is possible to swim in the warm, salubrious springs, ringed by stalactites of marvelous colors. The most intrepid can descend to the river to see the secretive grottos below the springs.

Qarahunj: Next you will visit Qarahunj, located 4 km south of the city of Goris. The most popular name for Qarahunj is Zorats Karer, it is considered to be the oldest observatory in the world. According to researches Qarahunj has 7500 years of history.


Khndzoresk: The last excursion of the day will be in the Old and New Khndzoresk, situated in the Syunik province. Both old village and new village are called Khndzoresk, here we visit Swinging Bridge of Khndzoresk, which connects Old & New Khndzoresk.
Old Khndzoresk is famous for the ancient cave dwellings, natural stone pyramids, which brings human imagination to a distant era when there were giants. there are more than hundreds of dwelling caves, khackars, 218 monuments.
After excursion we will be back to Yerevan.




  2-3 PAX 3-6 PAX 6-12 PAX
PRICE  PER PERSON:  85 $  45 $  27 $
DURATION: 10-12 hrs.
The price includes: 
  • All transfers
  • Lunch, Drinking water
  • Guide services
  • Entrance fees
  • Tour program
  • Taxes.
  • The tour is free for children under 5
  • 50% discount for children under 12 years



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