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15 Feb



Armenia is a small country with the varied landscapes. You can see all the beauty of Armenia from height of 1500 m, which will give you an extremely pleasant emotions.
Also it is one of the best  options for marriage proposals and love professions, you can`t doubt that the response would be affirmative, because your loved love will have no where to fly.
The balloon flight is completely safe, our professional team will make your trip to be amazing and extremely.

The package includes:

1.1 – Transportation to the place of flight and back to Yerevan

1.2 – Participation in the preparation of the balloon for the flight

1.3 – Treatments during the flight (sweets and club champagne)

1.4 – During the entire flight GOPRO photos are being taken. Later they are being provided to the customers.

1.5 – An interesting and unique ceremony of aviation diploma awarding right after the flight.

This program lasts for 4-5 hours, in 1-2 hours after sunrise or 2-3 hours before sunset, the main flight duration is 1 hour, up to 1000 m in height.

The weight of all passengers during the flight should not exceed 240 kg(max 4 person)

Flights can be delayed because of bad weather conditions and high wind speed. Allowed speed is up to 5 m / s.



Flights are being accomplished in the following territories of Armenia


Yegvard-Arzni Hrazdan-Sevan Aparan rez.
1 person 188 USD 186 USD 188 USD
2 person 334 USD 355 USD 355 USD
3 person 456 USD 469 USD 469 USD
4 person 605 USD 605 USD 605 USD



  Garni-Gegard Goris-Tatev Odzun-Sanahin
1 person
2 person 420 USD 459 USD 459 USD
3 person 521 USD 625 USD 625 USD
4 person 667 USD 750 USD 750 USD


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