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22 Oct



Day1  City tour, Wine factory, Garni temple, Geghard monastery (Lavash baking)
Day2  Lastiver, Yenokavan
Day3  Vernisaj, Departure


Day1 Our today’s program is started from City tour in Yerevan, which includes following sightseeing places: Cascade complex, Republic Square, Opera House, Matenadaran. In Yerevan we also visit wine factory, where you will do wine and cognac degustation. Next step is Geghard monastery, it is one of the  most visiting places of Armenia, Geghard  is a medieval monastery, founded in the 4th century by Gregory the Illuminator. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then we also choose to visit temple of  Garni, it is a Hellenistic temple, founded in 77 ADAfter tours you will wetness the lavash baking and tasting ceremony. Lavash is the armenian traditional bread.


Day2  We will start our day from Lastiver. Lastiver Cave is hard to access on a cliff face, and the entrance has been partially protected with an ancient wall. There is a pond taking up most of the cave, which water level is supposed never to change – even if you remove water it immediately returns to its previous level.Then we continue our trip to Yenokavan, hero you would take a rest, and would try zip line and paragliding.



Day3 Visit Vernissage,  large open-air marketin center of  Yerevan. Depurture
The Yerevan Vernissage is an open-air exhibition-market functioning on the weekends. It was formed during the 1980s by Armenian artists who started to display their art works in the square next to the Artists Union of Armenia.





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